Owl Lampshade


Do it yourself lampshade for a standing light. The owl is the output of our search for a product which could be easily assembled by the customer and is designed with all our knowledge in 3d computer aided design. The owl starts as a complex 3D computer model. In a second step the 3d computer model gets transformed into a flat plan. This flat plan gets printed on heavy paper. The product is the printout.The customer has to cut out, fold and glue the parts together. The final product is a complex object at a low price. It can be used as mask, lampshade or something else. Folded Size: 24x25x51cm / 10x10x20inch Flat Size: 2x A1 poster in a role Folding Time: 3-4 h Construction manual included. Distance piece for use as table lamp included. No glue, no bulb socket and no lamp stand included. ATTENTION: If used as a lampshade, THE PAPER MUST NOT TOUCH THE LIGHT BULB!

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